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Easy-Cedar™ Nickel Gap

Prefinished Cedar Nickel Gap - Knotty Grade

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Easy to Install - Saves Time - Saves Money

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1X6 Cedar Nickel Gap End-Matched Natural Clear Finish

Our Prefinished End-Matched Nickel Gap is beautiful.

Many people say our Prefinished Red Cedar Nickel Gap is the most beautiful part of their home!  Our Prefinished Interior Cedar Nickel Gap has a luxurious grain pattern with colors ranging from mellow ambers, reddish cinnamons and rich Sienna browns.  We add a hint of amber to our clear finish to accentuate the natural beauty of every piece of our Cedar Nickel Gap.  There’s nothing more beautiful and relaxing than the warm glow of our Prefinished Western Red Cedar Nickel Gap.


Not all Prefinished Cedar Nickel Gap is created equal.  There are only a few mills capable of producing a high-quality Cedar Nickel Gap today.  After more than 30 years in the Cedar Nickel Gap business we have established a long-standing relationship with the most trust worthy mills in North America.

Our Hand crafted natural clear finish is extremely durable.

Easy-Cedar™ is the most beautiful and durable Cedar Nickel Gap available today.  We apply two coats of Low VOC Modified Urethane that contains high tech cross-linking Acrylic Resins for maximum durability.  We went all the way to Germany to source the most high-quality resin system.  We could have used a cheaper coating, but we wanted to create the best finish possible.  The stunning results speak for themselves.  Easy-Cedar™ has a durable furniture quality finish that will last a lifetime. 

Easy-Cedar Nickel Gap is an installers dream.

Our unique Flush End-Matched design installs up to 30% faster than non-End-Matched Nickel Gap.  Traditional Nickel Gap without the end-matched feature must be measured and cut to end on a stud.  This takes a lot of extra time and creates costly waste.  Easy-Cedar’s™ unique Flush End-Matched feature eliminates the need to end on a stud.  The Flush End-Matched feature allows you to install one piece after another, without the added steps, and reduces waste up to 20%.

6’ Easy-Cedar Nickel Gap - End Matched
Flush End-Matched Locking Design

Why choose Easy-Cedar Nickel Gap for your next project?

Wood Quality  Easy-Cedar™ Nickel Gap starts with the highest quality Western Red Cedar.
Hand selected tight knot boards, kiln dried, and machined to exacting standards.
Finish Quality Easy Cedar™ Nickel Gap’s finish is comparable to a fine furniture finish.
Micro-fine sanded and finished with the most advanced low VOC coating system.
Durable Easy-Cedar™ Nickel Gap Flush End-Matched is the most durable cross-linking finish on the market today.
Similar finish technology is typically reserved for high end hardwood flooring.
Ease of Install Easy-Cedar™ Nickel Gap Flush End-Matched installs faster than traditional Nickel Gap.
With our relentless focus on meeting the strictest Nickel Gap tolerances, Easy-Cedar installs 30% faster and reduces waste up to 20%.
Total Savings Easy-Cedar™ Nickel Gap Flush End-Matched costs less than finishing on the job-site.
Saves time and money eliminating the additional cost of finishing on the job-site. The quality of the factory-controlled finish cannot be replicated with on-site finishing.

Easy-Cedar™ Nickel Gap Specifications

6” Easy-Cedar™ Nickel Gap Specifications
6” Easy-Cedar™ Nickel Gap Specifications
Wood 100% Western Red Cedar (Kiln Dried) Select Tight Knot Grade
Style Nickel Gap with Flush End-Match Design
Board Lengths 6′ – 16′ Random Lengths
Finish Low VOC Modified Urethane with Cross-Linking Acrylic Resins
Nominal 1″ x 6″
Actual Size 11/16″ x 5 – 3/8″
Exposed 5″ Including 3/32″ Nickel Gap
Color Natural Clear Finish