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Easy-Pine® End-Matched Tongue & Groove

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Easy to Install - Saves Time - Saves Money

Pine paneling is a beautiful design feature that brings nature indoors and adds warmth and lasting character to any home. Especially for country, cottage, cabin, colonial and beach style decor, pine paneling is a classic and durable wall or ceiling backdrop that keeps its beauty for years. Easy-Pine® end-matched tongue and groove makes it easier than ever to achieve the look you want with ready to install end-matched pine paneling available in a furniture quality finish. 

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"I feel compelled to tell you that Easy-Pine® is amazing. Beautiful! Such an easy installation. Best purchase yet!"
- Traci
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Natural Clear
Natural Clear tongue & groove | Dura-Groove

Available In: 

  • 1” x 8” x 14’ Tongue & Groove (“V” End-Matched) – Spec Sheet
  • 1” x 8” x 8’ Tongue & Groove (Flush End-Matched) – Spec Sheet
  • 1” x 6” x 14’ (Flush End-Matched) – Spec Sheet
  • 1” x 6” x 8’ (Flush End-Matched ) – Spec Sheet
English Chestnut

Available In: 

  • 1” x 6” x 8’ Tongue & Groove (Flush End-Matched) – Spec Sheet
White Wash
White Wash Tongue & Groove | Dura-Groove

Available In: 

  • 1” x 6” x 8’ Tongue & Groove (Flush End-Matched) – Spec Sheet
Lakeside Brown

Available In: 

  • 1” x 6” x 8’ Tongue & Groove (Flush End-Matched) – Spec Sheet

We start with hand selected pine.

Pine is one of the most distinctive woods for tongue & groove. Every piece of Easy-Pine® end-matched tongue and groove is hand selected for its beautiful grain, subtle knots and warmth. Easy-Pine® end-matched tongue & groove is produced by environmentally-conscious mills.

Our furniture quality finish saves time and money. Here’s how:

Easy-Pine® end-matched tongue & groove has a baked on finish applied in a factory controlled environment. The Easy-Pine® end-matched tongue and groove factory finish is not only stunningly beautiful but it’s extremely durable. We take pride in keeping your family safe by using high-quality water based stains and virtually VOC free baked on top coats. Once your Easy-Pine® end-matched tongue and groove is installed, you can immediately enjoy its warmth and beauty. For those who decide to install raw T & G instead, nailing it up is the easy part. The raw boards must be sanded and a sanding sealer applied. The board is then stained, followed by a coat of varnish, another sanding and finally a second coat of varnish. These six messy steps can add weeks to the project, and if a professional were hired to finish it, the finish price alone can be up to twice the cost of the raw wood (according to national averages). It is a proven fact: Easy-Pine® end-matched tongue & groove saves time and money!

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Why choose Easy-Pine® End-Matched for your next project?


Finish QualityEasy-Pine® tongue & groove end-matched finishes are compared to fine furniture.
Micro-fine sanded and finished with the most advanced low VOC finishes.
Wood QualityEasy-Pine® tongue & groove end-matched starts with the finest Knotty Pine.
High grade pine tongue and groove, kiln dried, and machined to exacting specifications.
DurabilityEasy-Pine® tongue & groove end-matched high tech UV-baked on finish is the most durable on the market.
Similar finish technology found in quality wood flooring.
Ease of InstallEasy-Pine® tongue & groove end-matched is engineered to install faster than traditional plank paneling.
With our relentless focus on meeting the strictest tongue & groove tolerances,
Easy-Pine® installs significantly faster and easier than competitive plank paneling.
Total SavingsEasy-Pine® tongue & groove end-matched costs less than on-site finishing.
Saves time and money eliminating the additional cost of finishing on the job-site. The quality of the factory finish cannot be replicated with on-site finishing.

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