How do I measure my project for Dura-Groove® products?
The easiest way to measure for Dura-Groove® products is the square foot method. To figure the square footage simply measure the length of the wall or ceiling and multiply it by the width. Add up all the walls and ceilings and deduct for window and door openings for an exact square footage figure. Add 15% for defecting and cutting allowance.

How do I purchase Dura-Groove® products?
We make it easy to have the ceilings and walls of your dreams. You can purchase Dura-Groove® products direct eliminating costly middleman mark-ups. Call us at 616-655-1990 and let one of our Dura-Groove® Specialists help you with samples, suggestions, ideas and personal assistance every step of the way.

Does Dura-Groove® have a Quick Ship Program?
Yes! Our large inventory of ready to ship product allows us to Quick Ship most products in just 2-3 days. Depending on your location shipping typically takes between 3-5 days once the order leaves our facility.

Does Dura-Groove® accepts all major credit cards?
Yes, Dura-Groove® accepts all major credit cards.

Is there a minimum order for Dura-Groove® products?
Yes, minimum orders vary by product.

How will my Dura-Groove® order be delivered?
Dura-Groove® products travel all over the world every day! Most orders are delivered via a common carrier. These trucks are 70 feet long, so make sure you have room for the truck to access the delivery area.
How are Dura-Groove® shipments unloaded?
We recommend that you have multiple people on site to hand unload the Dura-Groove® materials. You’ll want to have clean gloves, tin snips, and adequate space ready at the project to store the product. This will help ensure the delivery goes as smooth as possible.

How will I know when my order will arrive?
You will receive an email notifying you when your order leaves our facility. At least 24 hours before your shipment arrives you will be contacted by the shipping company to schedule a delivery appointment and approximate arrival time.

How will my Dura-Groove® materials be protected during transit?
We do a lot of shipping, so we’re experts when it comes to protecting your order. First, we protect the product with cardboard edges attached with poly-nylon strapping. Next, we shrink-wrap the product so it arrives clean and dry.


Does Dura-Groove® offer matching trim for Dura-Groove Pine?
No, complimenting trim can be made by ripping the Dura-Groove® Pine T&G.
Match the finish (color & sheen) at your local paint store. Remember to color test the touch-up finish to make sure that it is an acceptable match to your Dura-Groove pine
factory finish.

Can Dura-Groove® products be installed on fireplace walls?
Yes, Dura-Groove® products can be installed on fireplace walls, as long as local building codes are strictly followed to assure surrounding areas of the fireplace are non-flammable.

Can Dura-Groove® products be installed directly to framing studs?
Yes, however consult your local building code, as drywall may be required.

Can Dura-Groove® products be installed to ceilings and walls?
Yes, Dura-Groove® products can be installed on ceilings and walls following the recommended installation instructions.

Will Dura-Groove® products change color over time?
Yes, as with all wood products Dura-Groove® products will change color gradually over time. Color variations caused by hanging items on boards (known as shadowing) is not considered a manufacturing defect.

Can Dura-Groove® Pine be used in exterior applications?
Yes, Dura-Groove® Pine can be used on dry porch ceilings, but is not recommended for exterior siding or in areas exposed to the weather.

How should I clean Dura-Groove® prefinished pine products?
Dura-Groove prefinished pine products can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
The use of chemical cleaners and excess water are not recommended.

Can Dura-Groove® Primed MDF be used in exterior applications?
No, Dura-Groove Primed MDF is for interior use only.

Does Dura-Groove® offer touch-up kits?
No, we do not recommend touching up Dura-Groove® Pine.

Does Dura-Groove ®offer product warranties?
No, Dura-Groove® products do not require a warranty as they are never exposed to the weather.

Are Dura-Groove® products made in the USA?
Yes, all Dura-Groove products are made in the USA.