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easy cedar tongue and groove ceiling
1X6 Cedar Tongue and Groove with Traditional Clear Finish

Our Dura-Groove® Cedar Tongue and Groove Speaks for Itself

Many people say our Prefinished Dura-Groove Cedar Tongue and Groove is the most beautiful part of their home.  Dura-Groove Cedar Paneling has a stunning baked-on finish and luxurious grain patterns, showcasing inviting colors ranging from mellow ambers, reddish cinnamons, and rich sienna browns. Prefinished Cedar Paneling is sure to add warmth and lasting character to any home.

Dura-Groove® Prefinished Cedar Paneling is in Stock for Quick Shipment

Don’t suffer through the delay, expense, and mess of staining on site; you can have Prefinished Dura-Groove Cedar Tongue and Groove on your job site faster than you can hire a painter!

Our Baked-on Finish is Durable and Environmentally Friendly

While some companies may opt for a cheaper coating process; we prioritize creating the best finish possible going beyond appearance. Dura-Groove Cedar is an interior Tongue and Groove Paneling with a high tech baked-on finish, applied in a factory-controlled environment.  Our cutting-edge, cross-linking finish is extremely durable and contains zero Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS).

Dura-Groove® Cedar Tongue and Groove Premium Lengths Save Time and Money

With more than 30 years’ experience in the Cedar business we’ve seen how other companies can require you to purchase 10’ and 14’ lengths that create costly waste when trimmed back to end on studs.  Along with this many companies also ship shorter 6’ lengths that add to labor costs during installation. That’s why we are proud to offer premium lengths of 8’, 12’, and 16’ at no additional charge, saving you time and money.

prefinished cedar planks

Why choose Dura-Groove® Knotty Cedar for your next project?

Finish Quality Dura-Groove® Cedar finishes are compared to fine furniture. Micro-fine sanded and finished with the most advanced baked on zero VOC finish.
Wood Quality Dura-Groove® Cedar starts with the finest quality Western Red Cedar. Hand selected tight knot board, kiln dried, and machined to exacting standards.
Durability Factory finish is one of the most durable UV cross-linking finishes on the market today. Similar finish technology is typically reserved for high end wood flooring.
Total Savings Dura-Groove® Cedar costs less than on-site finishing. Saves time and money eliminating the additional cost of finishing on the jobsite. The quality of the factory finish cannot be replicated with on-site finishing.
6” Dura-Groove® Knotty Cedar Tongue & Groove Specifications
6” Dura-Groove® Knotty Cedar Tongue & Groove Specifications
Wood Options 100% Premium Knotty Cedar
Profile  Traditional Tongue & Groove V-Groove
Plank Lengths 8’, 12’, 16’ Random Lengths
Finish Durable Baked on Zero VOC Finish
Nominal Size 1″ x 6″
Actual Size 11/16” x 5-1/8”
Exposed 5″
Color Natural Clear Coat