Primed MDF Nickel-Gap

Our high quality engineered MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to solid wood products that aren’t well suited for painting. The key is our focus on the 10-step priming process that is state-of-the-art resulting in the perfectly primed surface that accepts paint beautifully. All 4 sides of our primed nickel-gap products are primed for added stability and durability.

Our purposely designed tongue and groove profile conceals fasteners!

Simply the finest primed mdf nickel-gap product engineered and produced in the USA!

Dura-Groove® is the best primed MDF boards you can buy.

The product goes through a 10-step priming process that applies the primer equally across the surface of the board. We even ensure that all 4 sides of the MDF board are primed as well. This gives you beautifully finished product.

Handcrafted in the USA. 
Dura-Groove® products are made with the highest quality raw materials, woods and finishes sourced in the USA.