Dura-Groove® is the best prefinished tongue & groove pine plank paneling you can buy.

The product starts with computer measured profiles, then micro-fine sanded, and finished with a 100% VOC free UV-cured furniture grade satin topcoat finish.



Why choose Dura-Groove?

Finish Quality Dura-Groove® finishes are compared to fine furniture.
Micro-fine sanded over 20 times with 4 different grits and finished with the most advanced 100% VOC free topcoat cured with UV light.
Wood Quality Dura-Groove® starts with the finest Eastern White Pine.
Computer controlled electronic grading, moisture meters, and computer measured profiles result in highest quality Eastern White Pine in each board.
Durability Dura-Groove® advanced UV-cured finish is the most durable on the market.
Similar finish technology found in quality wood flooring, UV-cured finishing has moved to the walls and ceilings.
Ease of Install Dura-Groove® computer measured & cut profiles set the standard for consistency.
With our relentless focus on meeting the strictest tongue & groove tolerances, Dura-Groove® installs significantly faster and easier than competitive plank paneling.
Total Savings Dura-Groove® costs less than on-site finishing.
Saves time and money eliminating the additional cost of finishing on the job-site. The quality of the factory finish cannot be replicated with on-site finishing.