Our Advantage

1x6 pine paneling

Why is Dura-Groove the industry leader of prefinished tongue and groove paneling?

  •  We’ve invested nearly $3,000,000 in our state-of-the-art plant to create incredibly durable prefinished pine and cedar tongue and groove paneling that’s virtually VOC free!
  • Our proprietary finishes are baked on and cured with UV light rays to create finishes that are up to three times harder than on site applications.
  • Every piece of our prefinished tongue and groove paneling is hand selected for it’s sound knots and beautiful grain.
  • You’ll save 50% compared to on site finishing when you use our ready to install prefinished tongue and groove paneling, hardwood flooring, or barnwood.
  • Having us factory finish your wood before installation eliminates the hassle and expense of hiring painters.   See our cost comparison for sample savings.
  • Finishing before installation eliminates ugly bare wood shrink lines that appear when wood contracts after installation.
  • We offer many of our tongue and groove paneling products in longer lengths for faster installation and fewer butt joints.

We’ve been developing and marketing high tech prefinished products for over 23 years.  We’re experts in our business, and we enjoy helping our customers select the perfect tongue and groove, hardwood flooring, or barnwood for their projects.  Give us a call today and let us help you every step of the way!