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Pine Tongue & Groove Paneling

Pine Tongue & Groove Paneling

Why prefinished tongue and groove pine?

Select the perfect color for your wall or ceiling without the nuisance of in-home staining. You can choose from four colors or a clear finish, and we’ll stain and cure your pine paneling with our special UV sealing process—all before it’s delivered to your home.

Not your parents’ wood paneling!

With our prestained tongue and groove pine, you can customize any interior for the look you want. We offer our Pine paneling—featuring a beautiful, knotty grain—in four color stains and natural. If you prefer cedar, we offer Western Red Cedar paneling with a clear coat. Our finishes have a medium sheen that isn’t too glossy or too flat—just right for showing off the depth and tone that makes wood such a wonderful addition to any interior.

Choose from a hint of sun-kissed color in Honey Spice; a bolder, masculine tone in Light Walnut; a vibrant auburn in Fruitwood; the nostalgic tradition of Vintage White; or the simplicity of a natural, clear-coat finish.

Pine Tongue and Groove Paneling Is Available In A Variety of Colors:
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Clear Coat Paneling

Clear Coat
Finish on Pine

Vintage White Paneling

Vintage White
Finish on Pine

Honey Spice Paneling

Honey Spice
Finish on Pine

Fruitwood Paneling

Finish on Pine

Light Walnut Paneling

Light Walnut
Finish on Pine