Prefinished Tongue & Groove Cedar Paneling

tongue and groove cedar panelingOne of the most popular products we have here at Dura-Groove® is our cedar tongue and groove paneling.  That’s because it offers such natural beauty to your home and would work great for your next interior paneling home project.  We’ve also been innovating this industry for more than 23 years, which has made us the type of company today that serves its customers.  We take an engaged look at what our customers are looking for and we specialize in providing the products that meet their needs.  We’ve learned over the years that our customers expect a great high quality product at an affordable price, so that’s what we always set out to do.

Our environmentally friendly prefinishing process has revolutionized the industry with a technique that seals all sides of the cedar paneling.  This is different than just installing a typical cedar tongue and groove paneling in your house because after you install your paneling you’re forced to hire an in home stainer that charges you.  It’s a messy project of staining and since everything is done by hand you can never ensure that things like shrink lines and warping doesn’t require you to retouch your paneling in the near future.  That’s why we invested so much in our prefinishing process because it cuts that whole messy process out of your project.  We can offer the color and finish to fit your needs.  We finish your cedar at our factory and ship it directly to you.  All you need to do is install it from there and you’re done.  By the way, did we mention it’s up to 50% cheaper when you do it our way?  See our cost comparison information to learn more.

redwood tongue and groove wood panelingThe prefinished cedar tongue & groove paneling we use has multiple applications as well.  You don’t have to be limited to just installing it on your walls.  A lot of our clients use it on their ceilings as well.  If you’re going for the interior natural beauty of a log cabin then we can be your #1 source to do your entire interior paneling project.  We also offer hardwood flooring products and with our partnerships can offer exterior cedar shingle siding as well.  Contact us or get a quote through our website and we can come up with a solution that will best fit your needs.  We pride ourselves in our customer service and just want to bring that personal and professional experience to our customers.