Interior Cedar Paneling & Siding

cedar panelingMany people say our prefinished Red Cedar Tongue and Groove Paneling is the most beautiful part of their home!  Our prefinished interior Cedar Paneling has richly textured grain with colors ranging from mellow ambers, reddish cinnamons and rich sienna browns.  Our clear finish accentuates the natural beauty of every piece of Cedar Tongue and Groove.  There’s nothing more relaxing than the warm, luxurious, glow of our prefinished Cedar Paneling.

Not all prefinished Red Cedar Tongue and Groove Paneling is created equal.  There are only a few mills capable of producing a high quality Tongue and Groove Cedar today.  After more than 23 years in the Cedar Tongue and Groove Paneling business we have established a long standing relationship with the most trust worthy mills in North America.  Our mills take great care to select only the most beautiful Cedar Tongue and Groove Paneling for Dura-Groove.  Most lumber yards can “find you” Tongue and Groove Cedar, but their ability to source quality Cedar is limited.  They typically call 3 wholesale companies and buy your Cedar Paneling from the low bidder!  This strategy may work well on sheets of OSB, but it never works on Cedar Tongue and Groove Paneling.  Lower priced Cedar Tongue and Groove is typically dirty, cracked, and full of holes.

When you buy our prefinished Dura-Groove Tongue and Groove Cedar you can relax knowing we bought your Tongue and Groove Cedar from the best mill, not the cheapest source we could find.  You’ll not only get a higher quality product, you’ll save a ton of money on the finishing and you’ll save money by eliminating the middleman on your Cedar Tongue and Groove….why pay the middleman mark-up?

interior cedar sidingHere are just a few benefits of our Prefinished Cedar Tongue and Groove:

  • Our finish is virtually VOC free!  Most field applied finishes are loaded with chemicals that are proven to cause cancer.
  • Factory finishing Cedar Paneling prior to installation eliminates ugly shrink lines that occur if you hand finish your Tongue and Groove on site.
  • Our Cedar Tongue and Groove finish is a high tech system that has cross linking molecules that we activate and cure with beams of light, after we bake on the first coat of finish.  This is the same kind of technology companies like BMW and Boeing use to cure coating on luxury automobile and critical airplane components when they want the most beautiful and durable finishes.
  • Most importantly, our prefinished Cedar Tongue and Groove is beautiful.

Important Note:

Our Prefinished Cedar Tongue and Groove is not perfectly smooth.  You can expect some areas to have a texture that sanding does not eliminate.  This is a normal characteristic of Cedar… of nature’s most beautiful creations.