Cedar Wood Ceilings

cedar ceiling planksCedar wood ceilings can give you a new interesting look to your house.  Usually we think of ceilings as a plaster, drywall or tile finish, but if you wanted a unique look you could use cedar paneling.  Our tongue and groove cedar wood installs as easily on your ceilings as it installs on your walls.  Whether you’re going for a rustic look or incorporating it into your houses new modern design you should know that Dura-Groove® is the best option for you.  We use the same prefinishing process on our cedar paneling as we do with other lumber types.  Having your cedar wood factory finished before it ships to you makes it higher quality and more affordable.  Since our finish stains all sides of the lumber you can ensure that it is the highest quality.  This makes sure there are no shrink lines and unfinished surfaces as time goes on.  Our cedar wood ceilings are made to endure.

Even from the start we have our lumber hand selected, and since we’ve been around for more than 23 years in the industry you know we’ve built ourselves up to only work with the best partners.  We don’t just source your lumber from anywhere.  We only work with mills that offer high quality product that has been hand selected.  Whether you’re just in the initial phases of thinking about your ceiling or you’ve already selected your grade and color our specialists can help you move through the process and explain everything.  We have a variety of color and finish options that you can choose from.

The other choice that might be more what you’re looking for is a painted finish.  We offer a comparable product that we can have any color paint finish you would like.  Our MDF tongue and groove is a good option if you’re looking for something that doesn’t have any wood grains or imperfections.  Wood has a natural beauty and can always have imperfections, but an MDF wood product will have a smoother finish which makes it ideal for painting.  Regardless of your wood choice we have the ability to save you up to 50% when you compare our products to an in home stainer or painter.  Request a quote from us today and see what we can do for your home!