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Interior Pine Paneling

After more than 29 years in this business we have developed the types of relationships with our customers and partners that only comes from being an industry leader in the business for as long as we have.  We ensure that our customers receive the best product that is going to fit their needs.  When we talk about our interior pine paneling products we highlight the different choices our customers have.  Whether they want choices about their wood type, grade or colors we will work with you to develop exactly what you want when it comes to your next pine wood paneling project.  We know that an investment in your home like this is a big decision and we want to ensure you of the quality of our work.  Your interior pine paneling will last for years to come.  We utilize UV light and heat to bake on our environmentally friendly finish that’s virtually VOC free.  This process makes our finishes up to three times harder and more durable than a comparable in home staining process.

That means that when working with us you’re going to receive top quality products and top quality service.  All at a price that is going to be up to 50% less than installing paneling and staining it yourself or hiring a painter to finish it.  Check out our cost comparison to see the how we can save you money.  Did we mention that the process also makes it easier and cleaner for you?  You won’t have to deal with any of the mess that goes along with in home staining.  There won’t be any clean up work with brushes or excess stain, and there won’t be any fumes that you need to deal with either.  Since our staining process takes place in our state of the art factory you’ll receive your delivery and your pine paneling will be ready to install.

We have a photo gallery that shows a lot of great examples of our products in use.  If you’re wondering about some of the choices besides our pine paneling product you’ll see that we also offer knotty pine paneling, cedar paneling and hardwood flooring.  Our interior tongue and groove pine paneling also can be installed on your ceilings to give your ceilings a natural and renewed look along with your walls.  Whether your going for a rustic home, a log cabin look or just want to add some warmth to your contemporary space we can bring some natural beauty to your home.