Wood Products

Alongside our core tongue and groove paneling products we also have a variety of other wood products to help you with any need that may come up with your siding or paneling.

Exterior Log Siding

Exterior log siding is a unique and very natural look for your home.  A lot of customers we have love the look of their exterior log siding, and to those customers we become a one stop resource for all their exterior and interior paneling needs.  We use the highest quality of wood and an innovative factory prefinishing process that ensures the best coverage and the most durable finish on your products.  There are solutions that range from a full log wall all the way to a half split log siding that uses a shiplap design.  This helps to add protection from seasonal factors because usually you need to be worried about changing temperatures and moisture levels which can cause expansion and contraction with your materials.

Interior Paneling

We stand behind our product offering for all our interior paneling products.  We have been serving our customers and the industry for long enough to learn what our customers want from us.  They demand the highest quality paneling at affordable prices.  Our premier interior paneling can save you up to 50% off the cost of your paneling job.  Run a cost comparison and compare the costs of our product to installing comparable interior paneling and hiring an in home stainer or painter, and with us you won’t have the mess of an in home staining process.  You can choose from a variety of wood types, grades and color choices and we will help you every step along the way.

Log Cabin Paneling

Dura-Groove® offers a prefinished log cabin tongue and groove paneling that you wouldn’t have been able to even imagine if it were 100 years ago.  The log cabin interiors around today are a symbol and bring a certain luxury appearance to your home.  We extenuate the relaxing beauty of nature and bring it into your home with our products.  You would think that a master craftsman had spend months hand finishing every piece of wood that we send you.  This is because of our state of the art factory finish.  We have a very sophisticated factory prefinishing process that has made us an industry leader.  It’s because of this that Dura-Groove® is such a highly sought after paneling product to help finish your home.  Visit our gallery to see more examples of what your log cabin could look like.