Exterior Log Siding

Log siding can give you a practical log look with your siding product.  Whenever you are looking for exterior log siding you want to make sure that the source you are getting it from uses the best lumber and an even more durable finish.  Whenever you use any material on the exterior of your home you want your product to last.  Your siding is going to need to bear the elements so when you’re looking for an exterior log siding you don’t always need to use a full log wall.  There are solutions to use a half split log siding that uses a shiplap design to add protection from seasonal factors.  Usually you need to be worried about changing temperatures and moisture levels which can cause expansion and contraction with your materials.

Along with your exterior log siding we’d imagine that your also looking for some comparable interior paneling products to bring your log cabin look and feel to life.  We also also comparable interior pine and cedar tongue and groove paneling that install even easier than exterior log siding.  Our tongue and groove paneling along with a prefinishing process that has made us an industry leader for many years.  Consumers and contractors both choose to trust us because we’ve been serving them for over 23 years.  We use high quality products and make the whole process affordable because there is never any need to hire an in home strainer or painters to finish your paneling.

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