Interior Log Cabin Paneling

interior log cabin panelingToday’s log cabin interiors often reflect a level of luxury that couldn’t have been imagined 100 years ago.  Our prefinished Dura-Groove Log Cabin Tongue and Groove Paneling offers the best of the old and new.  Our Log Cabin Paneling has a state-of-the-art finish, but you would swear a craftsman took months hand finishing every piece of Log Cabin Tongue and Groove.  There’s nothing more relaxing than the warm, luxurious, glow of our prefinished Log Cabin Tongue and Groove.

When we set out to create colors for our prefinished log cabin paneling our goal was to bring the relaxing beauty of nature indoors.  The color Honey Spice captures the beauty of nature and has a warm cozy fireside glow.  Our other colors of log cabin Tongue and Groove range from classic WhiteWash to beautiful rustic Toasted Pecan.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”
– Albert Einstein

Both our 1×6 and 1×8 Dura-Groove Log Cabin Tongue and Groove look great in a log home.  We recommend our wider 1×8 Tongue and Groove for large areas in your log home.

If you’re building a log home you probably love nature.  You’ll be glad to know we protect Mother Nature with our virtually zero VOC finish!  We didn’t cut corners when we crated our Log Home Paneling finish.  In addition to being environmentally friendly our finish is incredibly durable thanks to our high tech finishing process that bakes on the finish and cures the top coat with UV light!