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8” Exterior Siding Shiplap Barnwood Collection

barnwood textureDura-Groove® combines the dimensional consistency and stability of newly milled Pine or Cedar with the rustic, weather-worn qualities of authentic reclaimed barnwood. When viewed up close, the depth of grain and natural variations of the wood mean that the character of each plank is unique. Yet, from wall to wall there is an overall consistency of color and texture that
cannot be easily or economically achieved with reclaimed wood.

Nates Gray
Silver Stone
Silver Stone
Pewter Gray
Rocky Mountain
Natural Tone
Natural Tone

Why choose Dura-Groove® over traditional reclaimed barnwood?

Authenticity Dura-Groove® barnwood looks as authentic as old barnwood.
Developed from premium Pine or Cedar, Dura-Groove® displays all of the classic characteristics of vintage reclaimed barnwood.
Quality Dura-Groove® is modern made, unlike old barnwood.
Made from 100% solid Pine or Cedar, kiln dried for stability, with a baked on automotive grade pigmented finish designed to age like real barnwood.
Value Dura-Groove® is half the price of old barnwood.
As a purposefully crafted product, Dura-Groove® barnwood is a fraction of the cost of sourcing reclaimed barnwood.   
Ease of Install Dura-Groove® barnwood installs in half the time of old barnwood.
As a manufactured product, sizes and tolerances of Dura-Groove® planks are consistent, making for an easy installation.
Safety Dura-Groove® barnwood is free of potential toxins found in old barnwood.
Water based finishes with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and no risk of lead content, animal waste, or sharp embedded metals make Dura-Groove® barnwood the preferred choice over reclaimed barnwood.